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KSC Representative (Competitive) Program provides an opportunity for qualified players to train and compete at a higher level of competition with players of similar abilities. KSC provides licensed professional coaches to provide quality instruction that challenges each player and to instill a love and respect for the game. We are committed to the ideals of fair play, sportsmanship, teamwork, and the development of character. We strive to ensure that every player who goes through the Representative program, achieves his or her  highest potential, both on and off the field. 

Teams are formed by age groups and they represent Kirkwood Soccer Club in Regional League Play, Tournaments, State and National Competitions, allowing players to reach their fullest potential. Identification of these players is through a carefully managed tryout process. The program is designed to attain both Player and Human Development.

Player Development: Development of the individual player within a team setting, attempting to maximize the soccer potential of all our players with age-appropriate training

Human Development: Using soccer as a microcosm of life to instill qualities such as cooperation, competition, leadership, discipline, hardwork and a healthy lifestyle



KSC conducts open tryouts in an environment designed for player safety while fostering quality evaluations. All players must participate in the tryout process (including returning players) and receive an evaluation to be eligible for a team roster spot. All players will be evaluated based on predetermined soccer attributes demonstrated during tryouts. The intent of the open tryout process is to roster the best players available in each age group to form the best teams possible. KSC carries up to three teams in each age-group. The difference in teams are based on players strength and weaknesses.

Please visit TRYOUT PAGE, for more information.


  • Soccer, like any other sport, requires commitment and dedication to become a good player. Just being on a team roster will not make me a better player.
  • Players are expected to be dedicated to the ideas and philosophies of the Club.
  • Players are expected to attend all training sessions and maintain strict adherence to Coach Instructions.
  • Players attendance at all practice and games is expected, absence due to unusual circumstances should be discussed with the Coach as far in advance of event time as possible.
  • Players are expected to maintain team and Club dress standards. Players may only wear an approved, Club uniform during games and are expected to take pride in their appearance when representing the Club
  • Players must promote teamwork by provide encouragement to teammates. No negative comments towards teammate or coach will be tolerated.
  • All players are expected to maintain the highest standard of conduct and good sportsmanship. Failure to adhere to these standards may result in suspension by the Coach or Coaching Director and approved by the board.


Program fees cover the period from July 1 through June 30. This fee covers DYSA registration, leagues, referees, professional coaches,
home games, scrimmages, field maintenance, the Delaware State Cup (ages U12 and above), a (one) KSC tournament and  insurance costs. Once you accept a spot on a team, there are no refunds and you are responsible for the total fees for the program.
The U11’s through U14 will train in the Fall and the Spring with an additional practice night.


Kirkwood Soccer Club is a non-profit, volunteer driven organization dedicated to the healthy development of the youth of our community through the sport of soccer. As our players are trained in the skills of the game, there are many valuable life lessons to learn in a group sport setting. It is our hope and intent that this will guide our youth to be well balanced, goal oriented, volunteer minded adults who will continue to contribute to the betterment of their community and children. To that end, we feel that every child who wants to participate in the sport and the learning should have the opportunity.

While the funds are limited, the financial aid program makes this opportunity available to those in the greatest need in our community.




Representative Teams

 KSC 2017/18 Boys Teams

BOYS 2008

KSC Blue  

BOYS 2007

KSC Blue    KSC White

BOYS 2006

KSC Blue KSC White

BOYS 2005

KSC Blue

 BOYS 2004

KSC Blue

BOYS 2003

KSC Blue KSC White  

BOYS 2002

KSC Blue   

 BOYS 2001

KSC Blue  

BOYS 2000

KSC Blue   

 KSC 2016/17 Girls Teams

GIRLS 2008

KSC Blue KSC White

GIRLS 2007

KSC Blue KSC White

GIRLS 2006

KSC Blue KSC White

GIRLS 2005

KSC Blue KSC White

GIRLS 2004

KSC Blue KSC White

GIRLS 2003

KSC Blue KSC White

GIRLS 2001

KSC Blue KSC White

GIRLS 1999

KSC Blue KSC White

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