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Kirkwood Soccer Club

KSC Financial Assistance Program

Kirkwood Soccer Club is a non-profit, volunteer driven organization dedicated to the healthy development of the youth of our community through the sport of soccer. As our players are trained in the skills of the game, there are many valuable life lessons to learn in a group sport setting. It is our hope and intent that this will guide our youth to be well balanced, goal oriented, volunteer minded adults who will continue to contribute to the betterment of their community and children. To that end, we feel that every child who wants to participate in the sport and the learning should have the opportunity.

While the funds are limited, the financial assistance program makes this opportunity available to those in the greatest need in our community.

First-Time Applicants:

Be sure to follow all of the instructions contained in the Scholarship Program Letter and Application Forms that are available for download via the button/link at the bottom of this page, as to not hold up your request. Please attach a check made payable to Kirkwood Soccer Club for the application fee of $50.00

If you are a returning applicant the following applies:

  • 2nd year reduced scholarship by 25%
  • 3rd year reduced scholarship by 50%
  • 4th year reduced scholarship by 75%

All information will remain confidential and will be destroyed or returned to the applicant after August 1st of the following year. You may contact the office to make arrangements to pick up documents or we will shred them.

Should you have any questions regarding these procedures, please email, or call (302) 322-4220 and we will be happy to assist you.

Application Forms:


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